Mr. Anjum Iqbal, founder of Seven Frigo Pakistan,

Belongs to a well educated family of engineers. He started working with his father, Mr.Iqbal A Mughal, in 1970. Their long journey to success began when they opened up a start up company which focused primarily on manufacturing Desert Coolers and Washing Machines under the brand name – Sputnik, for the first time in Pakistan.

Their business venture took an interesting turn when, in the year 1980, a gentle man approached them with a request to reproduce the model of an American Fryer for him. By the Grace of ALLAH Almighty, they successfully managed to reproduce the fryer’s model. Their efforts were greatly appreciated- a lot of inquires flowing in about the fryer’s model.Feeling encouraged,

Mr Anjum Iqbal and his father decided to take it as a business and started manufacturing kitchen equipments at commercial level for the first time in Pakistan. To produce state of the art kitchen equipments, they not only followed best manufacturing practices but also channelled available resources toward research and development. Investment in R&D helped the company to grow in profile by opening up different production avenues. Very soon, they started manufacturing Hot Line, Natural Line & Washing Line for commercial Kitchens.

The quest to grow further motivated them to pursue another manufacturing venture.

In the past, they used to import cold chain equipments from a company named Seven Frigo Italy.

One day, they mutually decided to build a new factory to produce cold rooms & cold chain equipments in collaboration with Italian company, Seven Frigo. The purpose of this state of the art manufacturing facility is to cater the needs of cold chain equipments markets in regions like Central Asia , Gulf and South Africa.

This milestone has been achieved after the struggle of many years. Now the Company Seven Frigo Pakistan is one of the largest Cold Room & Cold Chain Equipments Companies in Pakistan.